Sky City will be the central hub of the AlterVerse. Buy land, build, shop, socialize, gather resources, craft NFTs, buy, sell, and trade, and Play & Earn in many ways! 

From Sky City, players will be able to go to one of many OutPost servers. OutPost is set aboard giant Space Stations. It is a First Person Shooter style game, but also includes quests, mining and crafting. Own and customize your own Crew Room, fly the powerful XR75 Fighter ships, socialize and compete in a variety of contests. OutPost is replacing the older game Disruption. Over 200 Servers are already owned and operated by various Guilds and individuals. 

Coming Q1 of 2023 is the hard-core survival game called Rekt. Rekt will also be available for players to own and operate. Answer the call to search for survivors on a hostile planet where you’ll learn to survive, battle the elements and other players! Details, videos and screenshots will be revealed soon!

Metaverse Games Studio actively assists Alterverse with their smart contracts.

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