Qualities of A Good Game Studio

There are countless game-development studios. All of them are ready to reach you with lucrative offers and promise clients the world. But not all of them are the same. There are good game studios, and there are lousy ones. So, people new to game development should learn what things they should look for before investing in or working with a game studio. Especially if the game studio works in web 3.

And if you are someone looking to make your own game, then this article is definitely for you. Here we will be talking about 5 signs that you should look for when partnering with a game development studio. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Signs of A Good Game Studio

Different game studios have different features, but that doesn’t mean one is bad or good. Both can be good and unique. However, there are some common signs of a good game studio. Here are five features of a great game development studio you should look for:

1. Developers Who Love to Play Games

If you take something as a chore, you will do it anyway, considering that’s your job, that’s what you get paid for. But when you take work as your passion, that’s when you achieve excellence. That’s the difference between good and top-tier. Many game development studios hire teammembers with beefy resumes, but they don’t love their work.

The result is satisfactory but average work. Developers who are equally enthusiastic about playing video games as their customers, can deliver just what the fans want. That’s what defines a good studio. You will see similar things in all aspects of life, like players becoming coaches, etc.

If the developer team is full of people who love what they are doing and playing the game they are creating; surely the end product will be much better than the studio which takes their job as just a job.

2. Small Teams

We all know the saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” While it’s true in most cases, it mostly applies to video game developer teams. Lots of people work on game development projects. People are appointed to different tasks like programming, character designing, AI, optimization, etc.

The most important thing for all of them is to stay on the same page. Coordination among the small groups is of utmost importance. Bigger teams often lack coordination due to being, well, too big. The result often does not come out as satisfactory. Throwing more devs at a problem is never the solution.

On the other hand, smaller developer teams have a more efficient working team. They can easily communicate, discuss various problems and work out a solution. The coordination and teamwork are much more precise in compact groups. So, it is more likely that you will get the desired product, just the way you wanted.

3. Knows And Respects the Player Base

Players are the only customers of a video game. They keep the studio and game alive. If players like a game, it’s a hit. If the player base rejects it, it doesn’t take long for the game to sink into oblivion. That’s the case in almost everything; movies, books, significant events, movie stars, etc. It all depends on the consumers.

A cardinal sign of a good game studio is that they know what the players want, what the players like, and how to deliver what the player base desires. Many studios know exactly what the players want, but they ignore it anyway. It’s the case mainly with big studios that work on AAA projects, this is due to shareholder interest as they want to squeeze out every penny.

A studio that can read the fans and work accordingly is more likely to make great games. Simple studies and statistics can determine the player’s demand, which isn’t much of an issue. But it takes serious dedication and perseverance towards the fans to give them what they want. Although it might seem unyielding initially, that makes a game studio great in the long run.

4. Freedom to Make Decisions

One of the biggest reasons games flop is continuous interference from the authorities. You don’t need to know anything about automobiles to own a car company, or you don’t need any knowledge about movies to own a production house. You need subordinates who know the ins and outs of the staff your company represents. If you interfere in their work, your company will likely end up in ashes.

That’s why many game studios fail. Because of the owning party’s needless interference, the developer team who are doing their job can’t have enough freedom to show their creativity in their work. The result is mediocre games, and often the developers take the backlash.

That’s the telltale sign of failed game studios. A great studio gives its developers enough freedom to make their own decisions and has total agency on the strategy they employ.

5. Experience and Reputation

Making video games isn’t a cakewalk. It takes years of experience and practice to establish a game studio. You might have master developers who previously worked in mega video game projects, but that doesn’t mean hiring them will give your studio overnight success. Experience matters for a reason, and reputation comes with experience.

If you continue providing suitable work to your customers, you will gradually gain a reputation and soon have more clients. Experience and reputation show how long a studio has been in the market and how well they are doing. As a beginner, a studio won’t have these two attributes but with perseverance, achieving reputation and experience is just a matter of time.

Why Choose Metaverse Game Studios?

We at the Metaverse Game Studio know and love our job. We know what the fans want and what our clients want. And we are always prepared to give our best. Our teams do not take anything lightly, and as a result, we have been able to provide some of the best titles, especially in web 3 in recent times, such as Bit Hotel.

We are growing gradually from a small team. Everyone here is serious about their jobs, and we always work in a fashion that satisfies both our direct clients and the player base. If you want to develop a game, feel free to contact us. Oh and we also play video games in our breaks and after work, for fun and to stay up to date!

Wrapping it up

Many people in recent times are looking to make video games because they love them and because a successful game can be extremely profitable. When approaching a game studio, things start to go sideways because it’s difficult for a beginner in game development to tell a great game studio from an average one.

If you can keep the aforementioned features in mind, you are pretty much guaranteed to find a good game development studio. Make an appointment today to learn how we can help build your ideas into reality.

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